Wild River Opening & Closing

Get your life jacket on and prepare for a wild ride!

Kids love to assemble at the beginning of VBS to find out about the exhilarating activities in store for them each day. VBS starts and ends with everyone gathered at the cross to hear God’s Holy Word and learn of his plan and purpose for us.

We’ll check in, connect, pray and sing praise to God while we learn about the theme and Bible story for our day.  We’ll watch videos that follow the adventures of some friends, plus we’ll meet new friends as well as our Team Leaders for the journey. We’ll also sing and dance to fun songs.

After we’ve traveled through all of the other VBS activities with our Team Leaders, we’ll gather around the cross again as a large group for the closing.  We’ll wrap up our day and learn what happened with our friends in the videos while we were hard at work. Each day will end with song and a prayer.

As a preview, follow the link below for one of our Splash Canyon Closing videos:



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